Monday, August 15, 2005

I'm an Oma!!

I was at work on Wed. June 8th when my daughter called to tell me that her water had broke and she was on her way to the hospital. Little did I know at the time, that my world would change forever that night. It never even dawned on me that this meant that my daughter would be having a baby! DUH!! What was I thinking? I think I was in a state of shock as her baby was not due for at least another month!
About a half hour later, my son-in-law called to tell me that my daughter was in active labour but that we would be in for a long night.
I finished work at 8:00 p.m., dropped in at my hubby's work to give him the news but he didn't want to go with me, I then stopped in at Tim Horton's & got an ice cap and drove to the hospital. I arrived there at 9:15 p.m. and my daughter was in labour.
I won't bore you with all the details, but at 11:15 p.m. I became the proud Oma of a beautiful baby girl - Sierra Nicole, 5 lbs., 18.5 inches long with light brown hair. (So much for the long night)!
Mommy and Daddy were ecstatic and I was over the moon with joy! I rushed to the phone & left a message for my hubby who was still at work. I stayed long enough to see Sierra and my daughter get settled in their room & then went home.
The next day, both my hubby & I went to visit them and we got to hold our little bundle of joy.
I can now add June 8, 2005 as one of the happiest days of my life and becoming a grandmother ranks right up there with getting married (July 15/72) becoming a mother (July 10/75 & Sep. 13/77)as the pinnacle of happiness. Life just doesn't get any better than this!


Blogger Mom on the run said...

Sierra's glad that she could bring you so much joy!

1:34 PM, August 15, 2005  
Blogger Ex-playgroup mommy said...

What a wonderful post! You sound so happy. You will be a wonderful Oma to Sierra!! Enjoy your precious grandbaby!

10:58 AM, August 16, 2005  
Blogger A Red Mind in a Blue State said...

Congrats! You are a lucky woman-- your grandaughter is beautiful (and smart, I can tell!) and your daughter is charming.

Welcome to the blogosphere!

8:19 PM, August 16, 2005  
Blogger Bridezilla said...

Congratulations on your new (and hopefully the first of many) granddaughter! I hope she brings you as much pleasure as CosmoGrrl brought you :)

9:26 PM, August 17, 2005  

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