Sunday, February 19, 2006

First Words

My daughter called me this morning to tell me that Sierra has uttered her first word. While I was speaking to her, I heard Sierra in the background as she was babbling away to herself. All of a sudden, I heard her say DADA!

Why is it that most babies' 1st word is DADA! What is it with this? Who is the primary caregiver? MAMA! Who gets up at night when they wake up? MAMA! Who do they want to go to when they are hurt or upset? MAMA! Both my children said DADA at least a month before they said MAMA.

We have my husband's baby book and his first word was ball which makes sense cuz he is a sports fanatic and at one time I was a baseball widow and my children were baseball orphans! Now I'm a curling widow.

I told my daughter that now would be a good time to spend some time with her repeating words to her, such as MAMA, OMA, OPA, DOLLY, DOGGIE AND MOLLY (The name of their dog). Just wait, with my kind of luck she'll say OPA before she says OMA.


Blogger Mom on the run said...

LOL - I wouldn't be surprised - she'll probably even say Molly before MaMa.

8:14 AM, February 20, 2006  

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